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Elyon Poku, 20, was fatally injured while DJing at an 18th birthday party

The father of a man who was fatally stabbed while DJing at an 18th birthday party has made a witness plea after it emerged people were told not to talk to police.

“Bubbly” Elyon Poku, 20, died in 2018 after he was attacked at the party in Stamford Hill, London.

Mr Poku died hours after the party on Wilderton Road, early on 22 September.

Poplar Coroner’s Court heard his killers escaped during the “carnage” as dozens of party-goers fled the scene.

Det Sgt Dean Musgrove, of the Met Police, told the court 10 suspects had been identified but the investigation had been hindered by a lack of identification of the perpetrators because of issues with witnesses and an absence of identifying forensics or CCTV.

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Media caption“I sleep in the bedroom my son left behind” – Tony Poku’s son Elyon was stabbed to death at a party in 2018

Giving evidence via video link, Mr Musgrove said the crime scene was “chaotic”.

“It was quite evident that there was a group of individuals telling people not to engage with the police and not to talk to the police,” he told the court.

He said that while police initially interviewed some witnesses, they were later reluctant to speak to police again.

‘Unusual situation’

Mr Poku’s father Anthony described his “bubbly” son as a “neighbourhood hero” and his best friend.

Senior coroner Mary Hassell said it was an “unusual situation” for an inquest to be held for deaths such as these, which are usually managed through a criminal trial.

She said: “It seems to me that as we were not getting there any time soon, I should hold an inquest.”

Ms Hassell made a determination of unlawful killing, finding Mr Poku died from shock and haemorrhaging caused by a stab wound to the right upper arm.

A post-mortem examination found he had also been stabbed in the face, neck, chest and right leg as well as suffering defensive wounds to his arms.

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Poku said his son was a “a gentleman who didn’t involve himself in gangs.”

“From what I heard today, people have said, ‘Don’t talk to the police, don’t talk to the police’.

“I appeal to the community, with the whole story about what happened at the party, to talk to the police.”

The investigation into Mr Poku’s murder is continuing.

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